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Estado pestilente
Vidas ignoradas
Existencia putrefacta
Mentes masacradas
Humanidad condenada
A una vida de miseria
Explotada y humillada

Olvidada miseria
Olvidada y eterna

Mentalidad idiotizada
Adorando falsos dioses
Buscando salvación a su
Fúnebre existencia


Hambre y miseria
Padecerán por siempre
En un mundo decadente
Injusto y mal oliente
Olvidada miseria.

ENIGMA(Sanctum Regnum Version, 1992)

Esfinges sombrías, sobre enigmas
sentadas, confusión de seres, cruces
en llamas, espantoso camino al trono
rodeado de muerte, guerra y esclavitud

Historia siniestra oculta en tinieblas
Orando, blasfemando, ante una altar
visión fantasmal, destrozando rostros
y vidas funestas.

Enigma..... almas perdidas
En llanto y dolor

Fúnebres murallas, sembradas en almas
Hombres carcomidos, putrefactos.
Dios ........historia en tinieblas
Tortura, barbarie
Sufrimiento y temor


Sombras proyectadas
En oscuras necrópolis
Inmensas murallas
Tinieblas, barbarie

Llanto mortal
Inquieta el silencio
Muerte acelerada
En penumbras entrañas

Existencia ignorada
Sentencia dictada
Indefensas criaturas
Rostros funestos
Quejidos no escuchados
Lamentos en el viento

Lagrimas en sangre
Siniestro atentado
Macabro tormento
Brutal homicidio

Estado demente
Sádico temor
Hombres decadentes
Tortura y dolor

Mentes intoxicadas
Plagas mutiladas
Dioses putrefactos
Vírgenes violadas

En la muerte
Solo penumbras
En la vida
Castigo eterno (bis)


Satán desatará la tormenta
y escupirá veneno sobre la tierra
los jinetes cabalgarán destruyendo
los siete sellos se abrirán.

Horrible karma, caerá
Sobre los falsos fariseos

Profanaciones, maldiciones
Herejías, blasfemias
Hombres esclavizados,
Arrodillados y humillados

Bajo leyes, mandatos
Del falso imperio divino
No existen ya profetas
ni rameras religiones

Radiación, putrefacción
Hombre, mortandad

Cadáveres podridos
Lugares tristes, sombríos
Tierra arrasada y muerte

La muerte con sus alas
Cubrirá el campo santo
Las tinieblas reinarán
Los falsos dioses morirán


Fearfull winds from the esat will bring with em
The legacy from the master of darkness
And over the ocean the galeon carries
the inmortal remains of the fallen angel

Baphomet, Belial, Mephisto, protect me and
Grant me the power that heanes grace had
Denied me, now i dont fell the wrath of
God that keeps the mankind drowned by its
Sorrows weight and the grace of the cross

I´ll be your disciple in this earth, i ´ll spread
Your word, i ll be the maker of your followers
I´ll prepare your kingdom come

Drink of me and you ll get eternity, your
Original sins will be forgiven, but now you´ll
Be my glance servant and in the deepest place
Of your soul you will feel an orgy fairies and
Maidens possesing your body and in your mind
You feel that you lose all that feeligs thas make
You mortal, between carnal abominations, blasphemies
And the bith under the blood ritual,
You scape the shipwrake of the lost world.


You have the fire, you have the force, to light,
To go through, the centuries, to support the pain
And the sorrows, you´ll go to the end where will
Meet again, cause endless you´ll be.

In time, you´ll never die, but you must fight
There´s games to play and battles to win
Secrets to keep and dreams to be slept.

Endless you´ll be, look up to the sky forever,
Endlees you´ll be, look up to the stars, the sun.

My universes, possessions to be left
Lovers, brides, wifes, dying in the long, love lost
Paradise to be found.

Live your dream avoid the sin, control your
Life but slave to nothing, you are not free, could not be,
You belong to the ages and centuries.


Historiae mimvs in nomine svo creatvs est,
Svb signis et inconibvs crvcis et sacti vnivs
Viri, misericordiam svpplicantes homines
Supinas manvs ad coelvmtollentes, apud
Aeternes qvietis optatam venian at
Santvm regnvm.

In his name a farce of the history was
Created, under signs and images of a saint
And a cross, men imploring mercy rising
Their hands up high to the blue sky, before a
Wished forgivenessand the holy reign of an
Eternal rest

Now the idols are broken, hte days are
Slower and illfated, bearers of the truth will
Rebirth and will talk aboutthe false prophets,
Flatterers of error and of the weakness
and ignorance of men, now the idols are broken
and Jesus Christ is dying.

Now thw kings will be slaves of their
Servants, and will walk inth hidden
Shadows, with a signal supportedin the fire,
Feeling the horror of his existence in the
Cruelty, and the stuck fear, looking for the death,
But they wont find it.

List with influential and dak names,
Participating of unlikely meeting of great
Preachers of a distorted message as the time
went by, into kingdoms of lies, and enigmatic
praying of lost souls in crying and pain.

Obstructing that the truth makes apparent
After centuries of silencean evilness or
Emerging from the depths of shadows,
Blinding the conscience creatin the great
sacred enigmas, in reckless battles or in history
that gets the attraction and the greatnenn of
the lethargy.


Looking your besty through the sadows
And your bodyshapes in the vastness of sky,
See the tears falling from your eyes, just like
Rain that falls over your past remains.

A path of flowers guides me, to hte place
Of our destiny, and in my dreams the sun lights,
Fills the shadows of the moon, like fine warm
colors through the fading cold down.

Our bodies burn ina an only flame, waiting for
the meeting of our souls or the end of
ephimeral existence on the comfortable bed
of landscapes of souls.


I´ll tell you the truth in thousand dreams
Among ethereal thoughts, rotting your body
Under the mud grasped at feelings of
Guiltyness, i see the vastness and i peer the
Light that exists in it, in the horizon i see the
Signal, i figure out in the sky the door
Will seduce mr to the abyss.

In the depth of seas of ice, or inside the tundra
Of gloomy landscapes, extend your hand and
Guide me to the eternity, toward the place
Where my death is unknown and the wind of sunsets
Do not touch my skin.

Hear me in the wail of the storm, watch me
In the deep of inmensity, i hide my grief
In innocent dreams and my soul goes to the
Beckon of the cold night

Ethereal dream, the inmensity, ethereal dream, innocent souls,
Ethereal dream, ethereal, dream, ethereal dream.


Desolated cementeries, putrid in ruins,
Solitude and silence, witnesses of the night
Light of day, turn into darkness, your soul will suffer
In life and death.

Sentenced, condemned
Submited, humiliated

In your slw decadence, never see the reality,
Won´t open your eyes, blinded by sorrows

In perpetvvm .......pain,
In perpetvvm........hate, in perpetvvm

Among screams of hate, sadism and lust,
He awaits your arrival and the day of your
Prostitute churches, false hieraches,
Absurd credence, shou me your god

Ad te levavi animam meam, glorificamus te
Santifivcamus te, in perpetvvm
Omnipotens, in nomine satan


My thoughts flow like a sadness stream,
And yourd words like a pouring rain in a cold
Dawn, here comes thorned roses that hurt my
Open wounds

May be will walk together thru this path
Between a world of fantasy and illusion,
Appreciating the magical rainbows that
Surround our enviroment, following the quiet
Footstepsof those whom satisfied their desires
Finding the wishing places,
I give you this ternity my beloved bride

I see you with shiness, behind your fines
Silky veils, your shine brings easing in my pain,
To this harmfull disease, when i look at you
I can´t find, the charms of my laments and your
Just like roses stop the bleeding
That flow from wounds.


Afer the fire, an eternal night of absolute
Darkness, creating a world of ice where
Everybody dies, a huge veil of death covered
The esrth, grasping the great paradise

The morbid sickness spreads over the planet
The hopes vanished before the mud and
the slomberous life.

The seas evaporated before the hellish
Spectacle of lethal flames and ravenous
Huricaines, devastated beings, plants and lands
That were found over the trace of their rage.

Among the impotence and the sterility,
Iridic rain and mournfull bones in hidden places
Of flayed and cut beings.


Copyright 2002 by Liturgia
All rights reserved
discography bio lyrics lyrucs tabs