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Seems a long long time since ctesias and me begun to rehersal in my parents house. Its been a while, only ten years back, in 1992. ctesias came from a band formed by himself called mortandad, he joined with a drummerAnd came to me in order to play bass, i accepted althought i had my own death metal project called ataraxia. At this time we decide to call the band liturgia(what a name¡¡¡¡¡¡). Inmmediatly we began to rehersal with the firm intention to record a demo, and the first opus see the light in april of 1992. it was called sanctum regnum. The recording of this blasphemy was made in a home studio from a friend, we finished all drunken, it was a boozy work..this demo, quickly became in a reference point, and receive great reviews and comments. It was so raw, so slow, in the present days i consider it a jewel.

Liturgia ’92 Mauricio, Ctesias, Afar

It was the really begginnin. We began to travel all the country, made some gigs, and some good metal friends.
Cali was the place that received our work in a very devoted way. So many thigs happened along the way, and in 1994 we prepared for the second comming, in perpetvvm.

Liturgia ’94 mauricio ctesias

We rehersal so hard for this but due to my proffessional occupations, i had to move away temporaly. A guest bass player played my parts in the recording of this master opus, two raw tracks of pure slow doom, the classical unpure in perpetvvm and a side b called liturgy. This 7 ep was recorded in medellin and we had the great backing vocals of Alex Oquendo from masacre. This ep was a high point in our career, i returned not to play bass, i ssumed as lead guitar player. The gigs didnt wait for us and was time to tour, we paly all along the country again and then in 1996 came the opportunity to play in another country... ecuador. What a grat people. They received us so well

liturgia 95-96 ctesias, afar, julian, felipe

The in perpetvvm ep sold out. For that time we were four members in the band, and we decide that ctesias should leave the guitar to be devoted alone to the screams, and to include a new guitar player... a previous drummer bring us to jaime. It was understandig at first sight. The evil flowed easy. We began to compose the tracks for our debut cd. We decide to called it veritatis splendor, as you will see all our works have latin titles. We recorded it in manizales inthe middle of 1998, whit the colaboration of dilson diaz from la pestilencia. A hard work, but sa great result to see. We signed with decade records, and our first cd see the light in october 31 of 1998. it was time for the big leages, we play with great bands as master, and rotting christ, and of course, great colombian bands as masacre, tenebrarum etc.
The evil grow high and we prepare our masterpiece, rehersal so hard, so few know how hard has been the road. Penumbral came to us and jaime toke a break in the keyboards duty. Penumbral was the missing piece in the puzzle. The crows began to fly in october of 2001. We recorded corvi et cygnes, our 2nd cd in medellin in el pez studios, with the grat colaboration of jorge ceballos, and well you hear how it sounds. The first time we heardthe entire finished piece, the only fucking thing thas sound was amazing. Im so proud of this work, and i considered it our great contribution to the scene. Alex barrera of necrodeath came to us and we signed in a time of storm, but there some things that dont deserve to be mentioned. Our second cd is out, so many thing had happened, so many people had talked, so many musicians passed by, but we the fouth elements, the metal core are still on the road ready for the fight, and preparing our 3rd attack. We still have so much hate to give
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discography bio lyrics lyrucs tabs